New start

Friday, July 17, 2009 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
I have been wanting to start this ever since it began earlier in the year, and finally I have the time. It's the Mystery SAL from Papillon Créations and it's called Castles in the air. The SAL is in 24 parts (bloody huge) and so far three parts have been released - the 4th one has been somewhat delayed, so maybe I have a chance of catching up. About half the colours are for each stitcher to decide, and by drooling over the progress pics on Papillons website to get inspiration, I have made my choice. Pretty overjoyed about my colours so far, apart from possibly the three greens. I think I might have chosen a light and medium green that are too close, and that there's too big a difference between the medium and dark. What do you guys think?

It was so much fun to start on this, I love all the speciality stitches - well the mix between speciality and cross stitch really. Hope you like it, and more will no doubt follow very soon :D.