More woolie hats

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This was the week for woolie hats.

First one I stitched for my good friend Eli as she hinted at wanting one, and she looks stunning in blue. Finished 25th Aug 14.

Second - my first two premature baby woolie hats. I thought I'd give these a go as they are always needed in hospitals for premature babies. Found a really nice recipe with variations and these are two of them. Will be stitching more of these and maybe some socks, blankets and tops to go with them. Blue finished 27th Aug and pink finished 30thAug 2014

One stitch HD and one knit

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Stakkeband. I'm designing my own "stakk", a slightly less fancy Norwegian national costume than the bunad. And I'm doing a musically themed one, which I've never seen before. This is the hemline, just finished it. Now on to the next bit. The song is "Hallingvisa" a local folk song. Finished 22nd Aug 2014

Needed a quick and easy knit for a coach trip today. Made it up as I went along, inspired by mountains and stars - quite happy with it. The bottom white has reflective thread knitted into it. Finished 24th Aug 2014


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A small design from one of the mags for the ACN charity quilt. These type of designs are so boring to stitch, but I guess all for a good cause :). Finished 2nd August 2014.