Wednesday 13th Aug

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Not my finest effort, but as I always say - one thread progress is better than no thread progress!

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The Canterbury Bell Fairy

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Bells that ring from ancient towers-
Canterbury Bells-
Give their name to summer flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
Do the flower-fairies, playing,
Know what those great bells are saying?
Fairy, in your purple hat,
Little fairy, tell us that!

"Naught I know of bells in towers-
Canterbury Bells!
Mine are pink or purple flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
When I set them all a-swaying,
Something, too, my bells are saying,
Can't you hear them--ding-dong- ding--
Calling fairy-folk to sing?

This was originally a cover kit, but I stitched it over one on 25 count which makes it really small and pretty. It's only about 2 inches by 2 inches.

Finished 10th August 2011

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Wednesday 3rd August

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After a long summer break, I am back to my UFO. Here it is after the first week of August.

This is a close up of the top design, which is what I will be showing from now on until it's done:

And this is the whole thing:

From Progress Pics

I realised that I had forgotten to post my last UFO post before the summer break, so here is also the piece after the 22nd June:

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Bentley Christmas bear

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Another August Christmas finish (the first one is secret). Have also made another secret piece for the advent calendar exchange

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My RR has returned home

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I think it looks so fantastic. My colours were white and black plus the metallic thread that is in a burgundy colour - DMC E3685.

The people taking part and stitching three bands each were (from the top - starting from the wavy stitch):


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