UFO night 22nd July

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Part 1 finished

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This is turning into a daily update :). I'm just really loving this piece and part 1 is done now. I have also chosen my metallic. Kreinik fine braid 3223, a very light, silvery purple - it goes so well I think. So just beads to go now - although I think I have made my choice, but I will wait a bit with attaching them as I use a hoop.

Second update

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I'm speeding along on Castles in the air at the moment. It's such a great piece to work on and I love the colours I have chosen - it's really subdued and classy I think :D. I DID end up changing the greens slightly, but instead of making the middle one the lightest one as I mentioned I might, I changed the middle one and it turned out great I think. So instead of 520, 522, 524 it now goes 520, 3052, 524. Oh, DMC numbers btw - that's what I usually use.

So here is how far I got now, still haven't decided on the two beads and the one metallic, so there will be a bit more here and there when I do.

UFO night 15th July

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I organise an informal UFO night at the forum I'm on - A Crafty Natter. It's kind of a SAL where we all make the commitment to stitch on one of our UFOs (UnFinished Objects) once a week and then we post the progress pics and cheer each other on. A proper UFO is a piece that has been laying about for years and that you have lost interest in, but by making an effort to stitch on it by commiting to UFO night, it's amazing how far you get after a while.

I have already had some HDs on UFO night, but there's one piece I keep coming back to. It's a calendar with a design for each month, they are all made on one long piece of fabric and by mounting it in a loop and attaching it to this extremely expensive bell pull end you can pull the fabric down for each month and keep track of time so to speak. I have already bought the bell pull end and I think that's the reason why I feel I have to finish this despite it being on Aida (which I never use anymore) and despite having grown tired of the whole thing. Mind you UFO night has made me slightly more keen on it again, and I have come as far as August by now - I can actually start to see the end of it.

So enough talk, here's the update pics, and I will post this weeks effort first and then last week. Not a huge amount done this week, I somehow found the Castles in the Air a lot more interesting, but I did do some :D. Oh, and UFO night is on Wednesday, but we are fairly laid back and as long as you get it done by Sunday it's accepted.

New start

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I have been wanting to start this ever since it began earlier in the year, and finally I have the time. It's the Mystery SAL from Papillon Créations and it's called Castles in the air. The SAL is in 24 parts (bloody huge) and so far three parts have been released - the 4th one has been somewhat delayed, so maybe I have a chance of catching up. About half the colours are for each stitcher to decide, and by drooling over the progress pics on Papillons website to get inspiration, I have made my choice. Pretty overjoyed about my colours so far, apart from possibly the three greens. I think I might have chosen a light and medium green that are too close, and that there's too big a difference between the medium and dark. What do you guys think?

It was so much fun to start on this, I love all the speciality stitches - well the mix between speciality and cross stitch really. Hope you like it, and more will no doubt follow very soon :D.

Big Happy Dance!!

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Finally finished the pressie for my dad's 60th today. One week after his actual birthday, but the party has been postponed due to bad weather anyway, so I'm OK. It was more work than I thought it would be, but I'm very happy with it! This is my dad - looks good for his age right? He does actually have an amazing ability to look weird in photos, so this is one of the few where he looks pretty much like himself. The dog is Marco, my uncle and aunts dog - he's such a great dog!

I digress though...

Unfortunately the same piece is also my entry to this years Stitch Factor competition on A Crafty Natter so I can't share any pics yet as it's supposed to be secret. Just take my word for it - it's nice!! Tee-hee!