Bunny charms and be true

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I haven't had the "small HD mojo" for ages, but seem to be in the middle of one right now. So here's a couple from the last couple of days:

The first is two bunny charms for necklaces. Saw these in a mag and since I had a couple of small bits of plastic canvas left over, I thought I would stitch up a couple. Took no time at all and I think they're very cute. Finished 24th July 2014.

The second is Be True by LHN. Lovely little design that I finally got around to. Slight personal alteration as I turned the flower blue instead of the excisting white. Finished 25th July 2014.


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Mini HD that's been bugging me to get done for ages. Cover kit from one of the mags. Was meant to be used for one of the ACN charity quilts, but it's been a while since we did one, so I guess we'll see if it ends up there or for something else. Finished 23rd July 2014.

Sarah Kay

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This is a Sarah Kay design from one of the mags, stitched for the baby of friends of mine, due in October. I stitched another Sarah Kay design for their oldest, two years ago, and thought this was an apt follow up as there'll be two little girls now. I loved these designs when I was a kid and naturally therefore still do. Finished 17th July 2014.

Wednesday 2nd July

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New piece, nearly done already