Street light candle wrap

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Saw this in a mag and had to stitch it, love the simplicity of the design and DMC 996 must be one of the prettiest colours about. Might have to keep this for myself :). Finished 3rd September 2014


Helen said...

Hi Moll, I am back in blog land though with a new blog, over on wordpress. Thanks for my xmas card I puzzled over it for ages before opening as I had already received cards from the friends I have in the usa. I was disappointed I never got any posh sand in mine though (lol guess who told me they did). I am in love with your blue candle wrap and like you I love the simplicity of it.
if you want to catch up on what I am up to then my new blog is

Bergdatter said...

Thanks for your kind words Helen! Sorry about the lack of sand, I thought I had "sanded" them all, but either I missed one, or the grains disappeared on the way, there were only a few of them anyway, but I thought it was a fun touch! I'll have a look at your blig when I get a chance. Take care! Hugs