2013 Round up

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The end of 2013 flew by, but I did get some stuff done, and here it is:

Hard to make out, but a knitted set of wrist warmers and a "neck tube". Long overdue birthday pressie for my friend May Kristin (that neck thing was a lot more work than I thought it would be...). Feast your eyes on the crocheted edges of the wrist warmers, never been able to do crocheting before, so especially happy about that. Finished 20th Dec 2013

My little Christmas finish this year. A small Permin kit I picked up in Denmark this autumn. Finished 28th Dec 2013

My special scarf/necklace thingie. It's called something difficult in Japanese that sounds like Sudoku, so that's what I usually call it. Apparently it means worm. A lot of knitting back and forth (which was a bit annoying in the end), but it turned out quite fun and different. Love the wool. Finished 30th Dec 2013

A wooly hat for my granddads 89th birthday in January. My first attempt at knitting pattern, but turned out quite well I thought :). Finished 31st Dec 2013

I have also knitted about a hundred (well, OK 10-15) wash cloths and a wooly hat for my dad (finished 9th Oct for Norwegian Father's day), but no pic of those yet - I'll see if I can get them done.

A fairly slow year, but must say I have finished a couple of whoppers stitching wise, and as you see - way into the knitting by the end of it too! Never thought that would happen. Also finally cracked the crocheting code, so have a fair few granny squares and more will come.

Now for a new year and new challenges and crafty joys! Join me?